Products Portfolio - Din Melange

Mélange means ‘Mixture’ in French. At Din, we have perfected the art of mixing the right dyed cotton so that you get your desired shade right-first and every time. The natural fiber and excellent treatment bring out coziness, softness and lively color. Over 2,000 shades are available and we can custom produce any that you want. Our Research and Development team is always working hard to develop supreme quality new shades and colors to cope up with the fast-paced global trends. Din Mélange™ yarn is 100% cotton two tone yarn which offers production flexibility if blended with Polyester and Viscose.

Din is producing carded and semi carded mélange yarn both for knitting and weaving. Din Mélange™ offers a wide count range of 10/1~40/1 and also ply yarn. Din Mélange™ is available for both knitting and weaving and can be used for making sweaters, fleece fabric, socks, apparel, curtains and any other that is required.

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