Products Portfolio - Cone Dyed Yarn

Din is producing very high quality OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Cone Dyed Yarn. Din possess a fully integrated Dye House equipped with world’s leading Thies Machines from Germany having capacity to process more than 6,000 kg yarn/day & 8,000 kg fiber/day. It is centrally controlled through Orgatex system with precision winders for Soft Winding. We have state of the art Dye house lab equipped with Datacolor Spectro Photometer with lab dispensing system and Ahiba IR dyeing machine.

We are processing complete range of dyes with consistency of results every time and all the time.

  • Reactive dyes for cotton.
  • Vat dyes for cellulosic and regenerated cellulosic fibers and their blend where high degree of fastness is required.

Din dyeing is specialized in the processing of all fiber types and has been catering to every need of textile industry through superior quality and service combined with innovation.

The range includes:

  • Cotton yarn and cotton fibers and their blends.
  • Surgical yarn and cotton -as per British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Standards.
  • Core spun yarns.
  • Bleach yarn (for Towels)

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