Infrastructure - Din Power Plant

Din Power Plant generates power for all the Spinning and Dyeing units so that the production activities can run smoothly and high yarn quality can be assured.

Machine Quantity Origin
Engine Cat.3612, 2.59 MW Each 2 USA
Exhaust Silencer Muffler 2 Germany
Cooling Tower 2 Luwa, Germany
Air Compressor 2+1 NK+Hatlapa, Germany
Starting Air Bottle 2 NK, Germany
Control Air Bottle 1 NK, Germany
Over Head Service Crane 1 Kuli, Germany
Ventilation Fan 2  
HFO Separator With Sludge Tank 2 Alfa Laval, Spain
Lube Oil Separator With Sludge Tank 2 Alfa Laval, Spain
Booster Module 1 IKL, Germany
Injector Tip Cooling Module 1 IKL, Germany
Heat Exchanger For Jacket Water 2 APV-Luwa, Germany
Heat Exchanger For Air / Oil 2 APV-Luwa, Germany
Lube Oil Sludge Pump 1 IKL, Germany
Cooling Tower Circulating Pump 4 KSB, Germany
Air Dryer 1 Sebro, Germany
R.O. Plant with Feed Pump, Pressure Water Pump 1 set Culligan, UK
Treated Water Tank 1 Locally Made
Unloading Pump (HFO) 2 IKL, Germany
Unloading Pump (D.O) 1 IKL, Germany
Transfer Pump (HFO) 2 IKL, Germany
Transfer Pump (Do) 2 IKL, Germany
Transfer Pump 1 IKL, Germany
Sludge Loading Pump 1 IKL, Germany
Control Panel 6 Cyems Tronix, UK
MCC Panel 12 Cyems Tronix, UK
NGR Panel 2 Cyems Tronix, UK
Battery Charging Panel 1 Cyems Tronix, UK
VCB Control Panel 6 Hawker Siddly, UK
Transformer 500 KVA, 11000/400 V 1 Siemens, Pakistan
HFO Bulk Tank 2 Locally Made
Do Bulk Tank, H.F.O Settling Tank, H.F.O Day Tank, Do Day Tank, Sludge Tank 1 no. each Locally Made

Note: All machinery manufacturing year is 1996.

Small Power House Machinery

Machine Quantity Origin
CAT Diesel Engine 1.02 MW 2 USA
Transformer 2000 KVA, 400/11000 V 2 PEL, Pakistan
Control Panel 1 USA
VCB Control Panel 1 Siemens, Germany
Load Break Switch 2 PEL, Pakistan
ACB Panel 1 PEL, Pakistan

Note: D.O Generator installation year 1994.

Gas Engine Machinery

Machine Quantity Origin
CAT ENGINE 3520 C 1.75MW 2 USA
Heat recovery heat exchanger 2 NKR, Pakistan
Heat exchanger for J/W 2 NKR, Pakistan
Heat exchanger for oil cooler 2 NKR, Pakistan
Cooling Tower 2 Lenchi, China
Cooling Tower circulating water pump 3 KSB, Pakistan
Air supply fan 4 Bilal Eng, Pakistan
Exhaust air fan 2 Bilal Eng, Pakistan
VCB Panel 3 Siemens, Pakistan
VCB Panel 1 EL, Pakistan
VCB Control Panel 2 Terberg, Germany
VCB Control Panel 1 Terberg, Germany

Note: Gas engines installation year March 2007.


Machine Quantity Origin
Waste Heat recovery Boiler 1.4 TPH Each with auxiliaries 2 DDFC, Pakistan
Duel fuel boiler 2TPH auxiliaries 1 Gresham, Pakistan
Duel fuel boiler 5TPH auxiliaries 1 Gresham, Pakistan