Products Portfolio

Din has a diverse and an innovative portfolio of products, custom-made to suit the consumers' every desire. Din is indeed a symbol of quality, commitment and growth. Din pioneered the manufacturing of Mélange yarn and Core Spun yarn in Pakistan and is still the leading producer of these products. Din joined hands with Com4 of RIETER to produce finest quality OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Ring Compact Yarn.

Din is also producing very high quality OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Cone Dyed Yarn in Pakistan. The Dyeing plant is offering reactive, VAT and Sulphur Dyeing in Cotton Yarn and is also doing Fibre dyeing for its own mélange spinning. Din is also producing Singed (Gassed) yarn, ply yarn and Slub yarn. Now, amongst the most recent developments is Absorbent Cotton with pure Comber Noil for use in Cosmetics, Toiletries and surgical items.

Din Product Range

  • Combed Compact Yarn for Weaving
  • Core Spun Lycra Yarn (Carded & Combed) From Ne. 10 up to Ne. 50/1 for Weaving
  • Core Spun Slub Lycra Yarn (Carded) From Ne. 10 up to Ne. 40/1 for Weaving
  • Dyed Yarn (Carded & Combed) From Ne. 8/1 up to Ne. 40/1 for Knitting & Weaving
  • Mélange Yarn for Knitting, weaving & Socks. Ne. 10/1 to 40/1 and plied. (100% cotton, Polyester/Cotton, Polyester/Viscose, 100% Polyester, 100% Viscose.)
  • 100% Cotton Carded Raw Yarn Ne. 10/1 – Ne. 16/1
  • SLUB Yarn 100% Cotton Carded for Weaving  Ne. 6/1 – Ne. 12/1
  • Ply yarn for Knitting, weaving & Socks
  • BCI yarn